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Pokemon that I love!

Keldeo by CreepyJellyfish <---- I want one ;-;
Quilava by CreepyJellyfish Charizard by CreepyJellyfish Chesnaught by CreepyJellyfish
Crobat by CreepyJellyfish Arcanine by CreepyJellyfish
Archen by CreepyJellyfish Archeops by CreepyJellyfish
Zebstrika by CreepyJellyfish Sawsbuck-winter by CreepyJellyfish Rapidash by CreepyJellyfish
Suicune by CreepyJellyfish Gengar-mega by CreepyJellyfish
Zorua by CreepyJellyfish Ninetales by CreepyJellyfish Houndoom by CreepyJellyfish
Samurott by CreepyJellyfish Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish
Sandslash by CreepyJellyfish Pidgeot by CreepyJellyfish Sandile by CreepyJellyfish Woobat by CreepyJellyfish Whimsicott by CreepyJellyfish



United States
Time for a summer nap. - Art by maplecookies

Current Residence: My House
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Personal Quote: Not mine but I love it - You're a great friend, but if zombies chase us, I'm tripping you.
It has come back our cat Oscar has cancer, very aggressive that has already made it into the bone. We are going to say goodbye to him on Saturday. 


I'm sorry this will probably going to be a little disjointed. But I'm going to go off line for a while. We just learned our cat, Oscar, has a tumor in his jaw and we will probably be letting him go. He is 16 and he would probably not do well with the treat. 

We took him in because he just started showing signs of jaw pain and even the vet thought it was just a tooth problem. But we just heard the news. The best we can probably do is keep him comfortable for a bit longer. 

I don't know what to do, its going to be so much harder on my brother. I have never seen cry before and that was just when he was having trouble eating. He is at work so he does not know yet and I don't feel right with making the decision to put him down. Its not my place. 

So I am just sitting here bawling with Oscars sister trying to hold it together. 

I just can't omg I just can't. I'll text my friends later I just can't talk about it, yet I had to get it out there. 


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What's under the bed - 2015 Badlands by AliceTheHunted
What's under the bed - 2015 Badlands
Last one for  2015 Expedition to the Runeland Badlands which happens to be sort of a sequel for this story Arrival - 2015 Badlands

Featuring this guy AliceTheHunted: unnamed by Ragaki-Runeland, who I shall name sometime tomorrow. Leaning towards Clove or Sage. 

Piraphru © evilitachi
Available exclusively at RRAdoptables
-Hush now, little one
Do not fear the night,
let the rain comfort you
and never we will part. -

Kyouya was never really a fan of water. It is wet, usually cold, tended to be a bit to deep, and wet. . . No matter what wetness must always be labeled twice in his head as it is quite evil. So to others it might be a bit strange the first thing he did once parting ways with Alice and Dulce, was to visit the resorts oasis. Though he does not like many bodies of water, he did enjoy showers, rain, and dipping his feet into gentle ponds. So the oasis was enough of a reason to go check it out.

He was a lucky Kodryma, due to the middle of the day heat, he was the only one out there. This would allow him some time to relax after that horrible bus right. If he ever found out who left the debris that popped their tire, he might end up having figure out how to get blood off his fur. Which he did not feel like doing on vacation. To much of a pain.

Poking around a bit he finally found a nice spot partially shaded by a palm tree. There he sat down, closed his eyes and just let his mind wander.

- Hush now, little one
Do not fear the cold
your heart  will warm you
and will never fall apart. -

Unlike Kyouya who wished to be alone, Dulce decided to be more social and seek out others beyond her little group. So down to the lobby she went. From there she could probably figure out were she could find some food.  

She figured it was for the best as Alice fell asleep pretty much the moment she sat down on her bed. So being the wonderful friend she was Dulce covered her up with a blanket at left the room as quietly as she could. Though not before making Kyouya write a note explaining they had both left and where they could probably be found.

She stopped momentary, something felt a bit off. She looked around as Kyouya walked off on his own. Beyond him, Dulce saw nothing weird. She shrugged it off before trotting her way downstairs.

Dulce hoped she could convince someone to pack the three of them a dinner. She figured Alice would be grateful for not having to track down something to eat after such a long day.

- Hush now, little one
do not cry tonight
for the shadow are watching you
and they surly will bite.

So do not scream, my little one
Nor cry for help tonight,
for the shadow is watching you
and no it will not be alright. -

Alice's head was pounding. Every movement, little noises, and even the lowest of lights made her head spin and explode. The lack of sleep plus the bus ride from hell had pushed her beyond her limits. Secretly she hoped Kyouy was true to his word and found the person who was to blame for the popped tire. Revenge can be so sweet sometimes especially after being delayed over for hours.

At least the hotel room was clean and quite. When she had first arivd she had thrown all the luggage in a corner. Then she collapsed on the nearest bed to ignore the world.

Alice sent a silent thanks to both Kyouya and Dulce for leaving her alone and doing so silently. They had put a few things away before hearing them scratch out a letter. Alice figured it was their way of telling her where they would be and to take care. Once done the other two left her in peace.

She waited a few minutes after hearing the door lock before rolling over to stare at the darkened ceiling. Slowly the aching pain in her head started to subside. Finally after everything Alice had gone through, she was finally able to fall a sleep.

*sometime later*

Consciousness slowly crept its way back into Alice. Her head was foggy and her body was heavy. Both signs that she had not had enough sleep. Yet, something had pulled her from her slumber.

Something was nagging her in the back of her head. Something felt wrong and she could not pin point what was off. Even with her eyes closed she could tell no one had turned on the light, nor did she hear anyone open the door. So she should be alone. Right?

It had to be something or maybe she just imagining things. She let out a sigh and relaxed, hoping to fall back to sleep quickly.

Right as she was about to fall back into the sweet embrace of sleep, it hit her. It came to her in a flash and she knew what was off.

Someone, she just knew someone, was watching her.

Focusing on that feeling she tried to figure out where she felt the gaze. Once found she slowly, as not to show the watcher she was awake, turned on her side. With trepidation she opened her eyes. There in front of her was. . . nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I snort escaped her as she started to laugh at her own fears. With one last sigh she stretched out and feel back to sleep only a few moments later.

It was a coin toss, for if Alice had turned the other way, should would have noticed something. The same something that quickly scurried under her bed.


Babies in need of help to grow! 

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No deviants said AliceTheHunted: Aziraphale by Adpt-Event-Manager


Omg I have a shoutbox! How did I not notice this!?
Tue Jan 1, 2013, 10:39 PM
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Sat Dec 29, 2012, 1:22 AM
I iz in ur box... SHOUTing. :meow:
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:thumb191242494: The Money Stamp by Busiris stamp - favorite by ihatemonday Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie
Albel Fan Stamp by charry-photos Don't Hit Kids Stamp by MaRtHiNa-hearts Stamp by TwiggyTeeluck
We're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163 Love by MephistoFFF
Zuko by Spazzly No Respect by MegSyv Dream stamp by Affordable
:thumb168996680: I wanna move by Avastamps
OC killing stamp by SorenBrian I'll Support Procrastination by Phoenix-Pyre
Original Character Stamp by Klomonx It's true.... by wisekidk


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